Volunteers needed

Running Octocon as a virtual convention means that we need more volunteers than ever in order to make the convention as successful as possible.

If you have a few hours spare on the weekend of the 9th – 11th October (and beforehand for training), especially if you’re familiar with technologies such as Twitch, Zoom and Discord, please volunteer!

Fill in the volunteer form

Octo with screen, tablet, laptop and phone

Octocon goes Virtual!

Octocon is going virtual! (Octo surrounded by different screens)

We have exciting news: Octocon is going Virtual!

This will be a first for the National Scifi Convention and was something only dreamed of as possible at the first Octocon 30 years ago. 

We plan to bring you a range of panels, interviews and fan chats online for free on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of October. We are currently investigating which platforms will suit best and hope you will join us via the screen of your choice. 

If you have suggestions for panels or would like to take part please complete the appropriate forms.

We will also need people to help out over the Virtual Convention. If you would like to do so please contact Volunteers@Octocon.com 

As Octocon is going Virtual this means we can have attendees from all over the world.

So make sure you tell your fandom family they can join us, for free, on the 10th and 11th of October.

More updates as we have them!

A message from our chair about Octocon 2020

As you all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of changes to the world. The committee and I have been tirelessly working these past few months to make sure that Octocon happens safely and responsibly in 2020. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic is not going away soon and our venue has informed us that they will not be able to safely accommodate the number of members we expect to attend Octocon, due to the social distancing measures that they will need to put in place. 

So with a heavy heart, I have to inform you that there will not be a physical convention in 2020. 

Sad Octo wearing a mask and clutching soap

It’s not all bad news! We are currently looking at alternative ways to run Octocon in 2020, making use of your suggestions for panels and the work that’s already been done by our programming team. We will have more news for you soon. 

Octo with tape measure and toolbox

Exciting plans for next year’s convention are already underway and your membership for 2020 will automatically be rolled over to our next planned physical convention in 2021. If you are getting this email you were a member of Octocon 2020 and are now a member of Octocon 2021.

If you would rather avail of a refund for this year, we will gladly accommodate your request – please contact members@octocon.com. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at our next in-person event in October 2021.

Octo with programme book and badge

Thank you for your continued support of Octocon! 

Raissa, Octocon chair

Octocon at 30: get involved!

Octocon is 30 years old this year! We really really really want to celebrate our festival of Irish SFF fandom in as many ways as possible – and we need your help!

How can you help?

Email anniversary@octocon.com if you can help with any of the following…

  • We’re looking for one or two more people to join the team putting together our celebrations.
    We need people who can write blog posts and/or edit image and audio and video, and if you have any particular organisational skills that would be great! If you know lots about Octocon’s history that’s also good, but not essential.
  • If you have any photos or printed material that you can share with us, please get in touch! We will be using these on this website and also hopefully in exhibits and booklets at Octocon itself.
  • We would also very much like to collect your memories of Octocon, in text, audio or video. Again, we will use these on our website and at the convention.
Octocon at 30 logo including Guest of Honour names
All our Guests of Honour are listed in this image – how many do you recognise?

Happy Easter

We’re sad not to be at Eastercon this year, but Octo would like to wish all who celebrate a Happy Easter, and offer chocolate* to everyone!

Octo cosplaying as the Easter bunny, holding out a chocolate egg

* Offer of chocolate can be redeemed from the Easter bunny.

Octocon and Covid-19

Octocon has no current plans to change or cancel this year’s event (9th-11th October) as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We will of course continue to monitor the situation and heed all appropriate guidance from the relevant public bodies, and will review our position closer to the event if necessary.

~ The Octocon 2020 committee

Michael Carroll: Double Winner at the Irish Comic News Awards

Octocon’s 2020 Guest of Honour, Michael Carroll, is one of this year’s big winners at the Irish Comic News Awards!

Michael Carroll (2000AD)

Michael Carroll (Rusty Staples)

Congratulations to Mike and to all the other winners and nominees – it’s wonderful to see such talent and creativity across the Irish comics scene.

Octo is a BIG fan of 2000AD, particularly Judge Dredd: Every Empire Falls written by our Guest of Honour, Michael Carroll.

Contribute to our programme

Octocon’s programme typically includes panel discussions, workshops, presentations, and chats with guests and other fans (on specific topics), as well as special events such as book launches and demonstrations.

Our surveys are now open for you to:

Apply to be a programme participant for Octocon 2020 (Google form) – this also includes an area for suggestions

Suggest programme items you’d like to see at Octocon 2020 (Google form)

If you apply to be a participant, you probably won’t hear back from us until mid to late April at the earliest. If you don’t hear back by the end of May, please do nudge us at programming@octocon.com.

Suggestions for programme items are added to our large pot of ideas, and we’ll be in touch if there’s anything further we like to know (for example, if you offer to run a workshop).