Taster Panels

Since Octocon 2020 has gone online, we decided to run a couple of taster panels in the weeks leading up to the convention!

People Who Suck: a Brief History of Vampires

Saturday 19th September 2020, 7pm (GMT+1)

Watch the recording on Twitch

From their origins in folk beliefs around the world, vampires have colonised our imagination through books, films, television and games. Along the way, they have changed and mutated, from the foul monsters of folklore and early fiction to the dangerous but sexy figures of paranormal romance. This panel will trace the vampire’s history and examine its enduring appeal.

Panelists: MaryBrigid Turner (moderator), Kim Newman, Gareth Hanrahan, Kat Dodd

Octo as a vampire
We wouldn’t usually say Octo sucks…

Cataloguing the Disposable

Thursday 1st October 2020, 8pm (GMT+1)

Watch the recording on Twitch

Much of what fandom cherishes was inconsequential and ephemeral for its creators. Pulp and children’s entertainment were seen as disposable, with no one expecting any lasting impact. From banned books to deleted episodes of favourite TV, fans have done the important work of archiving our culture. In this panel, the raiders of the dustbin of history share the secrets of preserving the treasures of yesterday for future fans.

Panelists: Robert JE Simpson (moderator), Michael Carroll, Rebecca O’Neill, Jack Fennell

Octo and their collections
Octo has some collections of their own