Octocon at 30: get involved!

Octocon is 30 years old this year! We really really really want to celebrate our festival of Irish SFF fandom in as many ways as possible – and we need your help!

How can you help?

Email anniversary@octocon.com if you can help with any of the following…

  • We’re looking for one or two more people to join the team putting together our celebrations.
    We need people who can write blog posts and/or edit image and audio and video, and if you have any particular organisational skills that would be great! If you know lots about Octocon’s history that’s also good, but not essential.
  • If you have any photos or printed material that you can share with us, please get in touch! We will be using these on this website and also hopefully in exhibits and booklets at Octocon itself.
  • We would also very much like to collect your memories of Octocon, in text, audio or video. Again, we will use these on our website and at the convention.
Octocon at 30 logo including Guest of Honour names
All our Guests of Honour are listed in this image – how many do you recognise?