What is membership?

We do not sell tickets to Octocon. Instead we sell membership for our convention.

If you are a member of Octocon you are entitled to attend any event that we are running.

If an event has an additional cost, due to extra materials or similar, that cost will need to be paid when you sign up for the event.

What does a membership of Octocon get you?

Once you become a member you will have the right to access the public areas of the convention such as the panel rooms, the Trade Hall and the convention bars. Note that such access will be limited by local laws where relevant.

By becoming a member in advance of the event, you will also be kept informed about what is going on at the event, and have the opportunity to shape what happens at Octocon.

Who can register at the concessionary rate?

The concessionary rate for membership is available to students, pensioners, benefit-qualified individuals, and others on low incomes.

Teens aged from 13 to 17 can register at the Teen rate.

Children under the age of 13 are entitled to free membership, but must be accompanied by a guardian who has their own membership.